Episode 128

Episode 128 | Katy Perry & Kevin Hart Speak Out On Ellen Degeneres Show, Lizzo Scores A New Gig, and Megan Fox Gets Petty

Published on: 15th August, 2020

Join host @iamissen as he gives you some TEA on what happened this week in the world of Hollywood.  Well the good stuff anyway!  Sip on this TEA!  Megan Fox is having an IG battle with her ex Brian Austin Green original Beverly Hills 90210 alum on Instagram for best love or most petty. You be the judge. Lizzo scores a win with a new deal over at Amazon Prime Video you won't believe what she's doing, and Kevin Hart and Katy Perry are speaking up about their experiences on the Ellen Degeneres  show in the wake of the toxic work tea spilling .  ENews is done after 29 years, are you sad? There's one person I talk about that probably isn't.  All of this and more on the TEA. 

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