Episode 130

130| Lil Wayne & The Golden Gun, Jake Paul Taunts, RHOA Drama, LiLo is in Trouble ..Again, Kelly Clarkson Divorce

Published on: 18th December, 2020

Join host @iamissen as he gives you some TEA on what happened this week in the world of Hollywood. Well the good stuff anyway!

Sip on this TEA .... Lil Wayne has a new problem with a golden gun & may be headed back to prison, This RHOA star just moved out of her Atlanta high rise and back in with her mom and baby. Lindsay Lohan might lose some precious things if she can't cough up the cash for this... Kelly Clarkson's divorce battle rages on with some pretty expensive demands, Halle Berry claps back after another celebrity gets in her TEA and Perez Hilton gets banned from TikTok and cries like a baby.  All of this and more on the TEA. 

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